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Adds a super simple method to describe RSpec situations in terms of smaller situation blocks.

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Using Rspec Situations

Using Rspec Situations is super simple.

In your Gemfile:

group :development, :testing do
    gem 'rspec-situations'

In your spec_helper.rb:

require 'rspec/situations'

Define a situation with the 'situation' method. Add a symbol key to identify the situation, and add an optional description if you like, and pass in a block creating the situation.

Describe a set of 1 or more situations with the 'describe_situation' method, and treat it just like a normal describe call.

describe Apple do
    subject( :apple ){ create :apple }

    situation( :bought ){ subject.bought_by = create :user }
    situation( :red    ){ subject.color = :red }

    situation( :one_yr_old, 'a year old' ){ subject.created_at = 1.years.ago } # With optional description

    describe_situation :bought, :red do
        it{ should be_tasty }

    describe_situation :bought, :one_yr_old, 'bought a year ago' do # With optional description
        it{ should_not be_tasty }

    describe_situation :bought, :one_yr_old do
      it{ should_not be_tasty }

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